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Although the content was based on the Ontario curriculum the topics covered in the guides are studied by students of math everywhere. The only difference might be the grade level at which the topics are covered. Just check the content page for each book to see what is appropriate for your needs. The guides have been purchased by people from various parts of the world including Great Britain and a secondary school in Uganda.

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Math Videos

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Who is Mr. W?

Dennis Weichman

Dennis Weichman, Author

Dennis Irwin Weichman (MR. W) holds a Bachelors degree and Masters degree in mathematics from the University of Western Ontario. His series of Math Study Guides capture his teaching methodology best practices from 30 years as a high school teacher and 20 years as a private math tutor.

It all started with the idea of simplifying the process of teaching math using a step by step approach. MR. W’s Math Study Guides will lead you through each step to enable a better understanding on how to get you to the right answer. Most importantly once you understand the process, it’s repeatable!

MR. W started with some handwritten notes and a few on-line videos to reach those he could not meet with personally. To date, his YouTube viewers have watched his 55 videos more than 85,000 times from more than 150 countries around the world.

This lead to MR. W printing and delivering over 20,000 books around the globe including North America, Europe, Africa and Asia using the old school, print, and mail system. It’s a great success story about a teacher who is making a difference for as many students, parents, and teachers as possible.

MR. W recently partnered up with a former student (who applied his learning’s from Dennis into the technology space) to publish MR. W’s Math Study Guides online, enabling more students, parents, and teachers access to his techniques to improve their understanding and ability to excel in math. There was also some motivation to carry fewer boxes of books to the post office 🙂

As we are all realizing more and more every day, math is one of the fundamental foundations of Science and Innovation. Math is having more impact in our lives especially in the areas of science, technology, and engineering. (STEM’s) The better job we do today to educate the youth in our rapidly changing world the more they can have a positive impact, leading to new science, innovation, cures for diseases and so much more.

We hope you enjoy these books and let others know about your experience.